September 07, 2022 updates

Tentative Evidence for Water Vapor in the Atmosphere of the
Neptune-sized Exoplanet HD 106315c

Extremely Inclined Orbit of S-type Planet γ Cep Ab Induced by Eccentric Kozai-Lidov Mechanism

Detection of Paschen β absorption in the atmosphere of KELT-9 b: A new window into the atmospheres of ultra-hot Jupiters

Upgrading the high contrast imaging facility SPHERE: science drivers and instrument choices

Smaller Sensitivity of Precipitation to Surface Temperature under Massive Atmospheres

Impact of stellar flares on the chemical composition and transmission spectra of gaseous exoplanets orbiting M dwarfs

Overview of the Galileo Project

Optimum Location to Intercept Interstellar Objects with Build-and-wait Missions

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