September 01, 2022 updates

Observing exoplanets from Antarctica in two colours: set-up and operation of ASTEP+–set-up/10.1117/12.2628952.short

The Earth 2.0 space mission analysis and spacecraft design

The Earth 2.0 space mission for detecting Earth-like planets around solar type stars

Conceptual design study of the science payload for the Earth 2.0 mission

Science goals of the Earth 2.0 space mission

Transit least-squares survey – IV. Earth-like transiting planets expected from the PLATO mission

3D Orbital Architecture of a Dwarf Binary System and Its Planetary Companion

Utilizing a global network of telescopes to update the ephemeris for the highly eccentric planet HD 80606 b and to ensure the efficient scheduling of JWST

The JWST Early Release Science Program for Direct Observations of Exoplanetary Systems I: High Contrast Imaging of the Exoplanet HIP 65426 b from 2-16 μm

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