Modern Estimate for Earth-like Planets in the Vicinity of the Solar System

Searching for biosignatures by their rotational spectrum: global fit and methyl group internal rotation features of dimethylsulphoxide up to 116 GHz

The Mantis Network II: Examining the 3D high-resolution observable properties of the UHJs WASP-121b and WASP-189b through GCM modelling

The TESS–Keck Survey. XIII. An Eccentric Hot Neptune with a
Similar-mass Outer Companion around TOI-1272

TOI-1452 b: SPIRou and TESS Reveal a Super-Earth in a Temperate Orbit Transiting an M4 Dwarf

Implicit Biases in Transit Models Using Stellar Pseudo Density

Tidal insights into rocky and icy bodies: an introduction and overview

Synthesis and Stability of an Eight-Coordinated Fe3O4 High-Pressure Phase: Implications for the Mantle Structure of Super-Earths

Misaligned circumbinary disks as efficient progenitors of interstellar asteroids

Jupiter and Saturn as Spectral Analogs for Extrasolar Gas Giants and Brown Dwarfs

Exoplanet weather and climate regimes with clouds and thermal ionospheres: A model grid study in support of large-scale observational campaigns

Atmospheric Monitoring and Precise Spectroscopy of the HR 8799 Planets with SCExAO/CHARIS

TOI-2196 b: Rare planet in the hot Neptune desert transiting a G-type star

How Thin and Efficient Can a Metasurface Reflector Be? Universal Bounds on Reflection for Any Direction and Polarization

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