Ice Shell Structure and Composition of Ocean Worlds: Insights from Accreted Ice on Earth

The morphology of the HD 163296 jet as a window on its planetary system

Gaia search for stellar companions of TESS Objects of Interest III

Numerical experiments on thermal convection of highly compressible fluids with variable viscosity and thermal conductivity in two-dimensional cylindrical geometry: Implications for mantle convection of super-Earths

Delivery of gas onto the circumplanetary disk of giant planets: Planetary-mass dependence of the source region of accreting gas and mass accretion rate

Semi-supervised standardized detection of extrasolar planets

Flares and rotation of M dwarfs with habitable zones accessible to TESS planet detections

Two long-period transiting exoplanets on eccentric orbits: NGTS-20 b (TOI-5152 b) and TOI-5153 b

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