Bacterial Utilisation of Aliphatic Organics: Is the Dwarf Planet Ceres Habitable?

Inference of a “Hot Ice” Layer in Nitrogen-Rich Planets: Demixing the Phase Diagram and Phase Composition for Variable Concentration Helium–Nitrogen Mixtures Based on Isothermal Compression

The Transmission Spectrum of WASP-17 b From the Optical to the Near-infrared Wavelengths: Combining STIS, WFC3, and IRAC Data Sets

Technosignatures for Detecting Intelligent Life in Our Universe: A Research Companion

Dynamical Instability in Multi-Orbiter Systems with Gas Friction

A Unified Spectroscopic and Photometric Model to Infer Surface Inhomogeneity: Application to Luhman 16B

Transit least-squares survey IV. Earth-like transiting planets expected from the PLATO mission

Can Gaia find planets around white dwarfs?

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