Searching for extraterrestrial intelligence with the square kilometre array

Potential long-term habitable conditions on planets with primordial H–He atmospheres

NASA Rockets Launch from Australia to Seek Habitable Star Conditions

Convolutional neural networks as an alternative to Bayesian retrievals for interpreting exoplanet transmission spectra

A large range of haziness conditions in hot-Jupiter atmospheres

Quadrupole and octupole order resonances in non-restricted hierarchical planetary systems

Radiation Effects from the Interstellar Medium and Cosmic Ray Particle Impacts on Relativistic Spacecraft

An Informational Approach to Exoplanet Characterization

MIRAC-5: A ground-based mid-IR instrument with the potential to detect ammonia in gas giants

Nebula-Relay Hypothesis: Cosmic ray-driven bioenergetics for Life in Molecular Clouds and the Origin of Chemiosmosis

The Effect of Accretion Rate and Composition on the Structure of Ice-rich Super-Earths

Growth and evolution of secondary volcanic atmospheres: I. Identifying the geological character of hot rocky planets

Cleaning our Hazy Lens: Exploring Trends in Transmission Spectra of Warm Exoplanets

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