Stability of high-temperature salty ice suggests electrolyte permeability in water-rich exoplanet icy mantles

Salty ice and the dilemma of ocean exoplanet habitability

Active lithoautotrophic and methane-oxidizing microbial community in an anoxic, sub-zero, and hypersaline High Arctic spring

Prevalence of short-lived radioactive isotopes across exoplanetary systems inferred from polluted white dwarfs

Inward and outward migration of massive planets: moving towards a stalling radius

The ET mission to search for Earth 2.0s

A Comparison of EXOTIC and PyRaf in Analyzing Exoplanet Transits

Laboratory Demonstration of Real-Time Focal Plane Wavefront Control of Residual Atmospheric Speckles

Transmission spectroscopy of MASCARA-1b with ESPRESSO: Challenges of overlapping orbital and Doppler tracks

Exoplanet atmosphere retrievals in 3D using phase curve data with ARCiS: application to WASP-43b

Earth through the looking glass: how frequently are we detected by other civilisations through photometric microlensing?

A Temperature Trend for Clouds and Hazes in Exoplanets Atmospheres

A detailed analysis of the Gl 486 planetary system

Theory of Radiation Pressure on a Diffractive Solar Sail

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