Accurate Modeling of Lyα Profiles and their Impact on Photolysis of Terrestrial Planet Atmospheres

Phot0, a plausible primeval pigment on Earth and rocky exoplanets

Improving Detection of Gravitational-wave Microlensing Using Repeated Signals Induced by Strong Lensing

No Detection of Sodium in the Atmosphere of the Warm Neptune HD 106315c

Dust Accretion onto Exoplanets

Towards a Classification Scheme for the Rocky Planets based on Equilibrium Thermodynamic Considerations

Could the "Wow" signal have originated from a stochastic repeating beacon?

Transit Hunt for Young and Maturing Exoplanets (THYME) VIII: a Pleiades-age association harboring two transiting planetary systems from Kepler

Inward and outward migration of massive planets: moving towards a stalling radius

A halo of trapped interstellar matter surrounding the solar system

Resonance capture and long-term evolution of planets in binary star systems

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