Methods of Low-Density Gas Simulation in the Context of Beamed Propulsion Techniques

Medical Countermeasures for the Hematopoietic-Subsyndrome of Acute Radiation Syndrome in Space

Godel Time Travel With Warp Drive Propulsion

Proposed energy-metabolisms cannot explain the atmospheric chemistry of Venus

Exoplanet atmospheres at high resolution through a modest-size telescope – Fe II in MASCARA-2b and KELT-9b with FIES on the Nordic Optical Telescope

OGLE-2018-BLG-0799Lb: a q ∼ 2.7 × 10−3 planet with Spitzer parallax

Identifying Exoplanets’ Potentiality for Life in Habitable Zones: Giving New Dimension to Cosmological

Stellar limb darkening. I. A new MPS-ATLAS library for Kepler, TESS, CHEOPS, and PLATO passbands

ET White Paper: To Find the First Earth 2.0

Eclipse timing variations in post-common envelope binaries: Are they a reliable indicator of circumbinary companions?

The Fermi paradox: Impact of astrophysical processes and dynamical evolution

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