May 5, 2022 updates

Longitudinal MRI-visible perivascular space (PVS) changes with long-duration spaceflight

Can Carbon Fractionation Provide Evidence for Aerial Biospheres in the Atmospheres of Temperate Sub-Neptunes?

TRAPPIST-1h as an Exo-Titan. I. The Role of Assumptions about Atmospheric Parameters in Understanding an Exoplanet Atmosphere

Mutual Inclination of Ultra-short-period Planets with Time-varying Stellar J2 Moments

Characterising Atmospheres of Cloudy Temperate Mini-Neptunes with JWST

Fingering convection in the stably-stratified layers of planetary cores

TOI-2046b, TOI-1181b and TOI-1516b, three new hot Jupiters from \textit{TESS}: planets orbiting a young star, a subgiant and a normal star

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