Analysis of the public HARPS/ESO spectroscopic archive
Jupiter-like planets around HD103891 and HD105779

Calibration of quasi-static aberrations in exoplanet direct-imaging instruments with a Zernike phase-mask sensor
IV. Temporal stability of non-common path aberrations in VLT/SPHERE

Migrating extraterrestrial civilizations and interstellar colonization: implications for SETI and SETA

The mu Arae planetary system: Radial velocities and astrometry

Interpreting the atmospheric composition of exoplanets: sensitivity to planet formation assumptions

The impact of ultraviolet heating and cooling on the dynamics and observability of lava planet atmospheres

Reflected spectroscopy of small exoplanets II: characterization of terrestrial exoplanets

FIES and Tull confirm and characterise three giant planets delivered by TESS

Simulations for Planning Next-Generation Exoplanet Radial Velocity Surveys

Searching for flaring star-planet interactions in AU Mic TESS observations

Planetesimals Around Stars with TESS (PAST): II. An M Dwarf "Dipper" Star with a Long-Lived Disk in the TESS Continuous Viewing Zone

Revisiting the secondary eclipses of KELT-1b using TESS observations

Mathematical encoding within multi-resonant planetary systems as SETI beacons

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