May 17, 2022 updates

AbSciCon 2022: From Stars to Cells

Nexus for Exoplanet System Science

Network for Life Detection

Request for Information: Early Cells to Multicellularity

Searching for the origin of the Ehrenreich effect in ultra-hot Jupiters – Evidence for strong C/O gradients in the atmosphere of WASP-76 b?

HD 83443c: A Highly Eccentric Giant Planet on a 22 yr Orbit

Water UV-shielding in the Terrestrial Planet-forming Zone: Implications from Water Emission

Resolving the Multiplicity of Exoplanet Host Stars in Gemini/NIRI Data

To Sample or Not To Sample: Retrieving Exoplanetary Spectra with Variational Inference and Normalising Flows

Transfer of Rocks between Planetary Systems: Panspermia Revisited

The Visual Survey Group: A Decade of Hunting Exoplanets and Unusual Stellar Events with Space-Based Telescopes

Patchy nightside clouds on ultra-hot Jupiters: General Circulation Model simulations with radiatively active cloud tracers

Five key exoplanet questions answered via the analysis of 25 hot Jupiter atmospheres in eclipse

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