China is on the hunt for ‘Earth 2.0’ with proposed space telescope

Traversable wormholes with like-Casimir complexity supported with arbitrarily small amount of exotic matter

Exploring Ocean Circulation on Icy Moons Heated From Below

A scaled-up planetary system around a supernova progenitor

Results from The COPAINS Pilot Survey: Four new brown dwarfs and a high companion detection rate for accelerating stars

Earliest photic zone niches probed by ancestral microbial rhodopsins

Scaling K2. V. Statistical Validation of 60 New Exoplanets From K2 Campaigns 2–18

Peaceful Use of Lasers in Space? Potential, Risks, and Norms for Using Lasers in Space

SETI From the Perspective of Intercivilizational Politics

Analysis of circular gratings as image plane coronagraph filters

Interstellar planetesimals

Five thousand exoplanets at the NASA Exoplanet Archive

Bayesian Characterisation of Circumbinary Exoplanets with LISA

Giant Planets from the Inside-Out

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