Nikhil Rao, MD, MSc (AKA Vindaloo Diesel, AKA Dr. Karma) is a child and adolescent psychiatrist specializing in working with critically and chronically ill children. On a day to day basis, this means he’s the only physician in the pediatric ICU who can dress up like Batman and claim it’s ‘for the children’. Which he does. Frequently. He’s also involved in research into new pharmacologic tools and psychotherapy methods to improve the lives of children with serious medical illnesses. Nikhil has also been active in the fitness and nutrition professional scene and can be described as strong for an Indian (in other words not very). Prior to medicine, he studied the evolution of intelligence and social systems in monkeys, which are actually a lot like children, albeit hairier. He’s been a voracious science fiction fan for years and when not stuck in the hospital has been slowly working on launching his media presence, which can be described as something like Jordan Peterson, only tinged with curry, profanity, and entirely too much math.


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