Planetary Science Opportunities for Heliocentric/Interstellar Probe Missions

Five Key Exoplanet Questions Answered via the Analysis of 25 Hot-Jupiter Atmospheres in Eclipse

Water content trends in K2-138 and other low-mass multi-planetary systems

Dynamics of Colombo’s Top: Non-trivial oblique spin equilibria of Super-Earths in multi-planetary systems

A Dearth of Close-in Stellar Companions to M-dwarf TESS Objects of Interest

Large-scale Volcanism and the Heat Death of Terrestrial Worlds

Accurate Machine-learning Atmospheric Retrieval via a Neural-network Surrogate Model for Radiative Transfer

Rotationally Constrained Convection in the Sun: Applicable to Planetary Atmospheres?

Wind–pellet shear sailing

Exoplanet Cartography using Convolutional Neural Networks

On the relative importance of AGN winds for the evolution of exoplanet atmospheres

The Outer Edge of the Venus Zone Around Main-Sequence Stars

KMT-2021-BLG-1898: Planetary microlensing event involved with binary source stars

KMT-2021-BLG-0240: Microlensing event with a deformed planetary signal

A target list for searching for habitable exomoons

The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. Rotational variation in activity indicators of Ross 318, YZ CMi, TYC 3529-1437-1, and EV Lac

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