Impact of a moon on the evolution of a planet’s rotation axis: a non-resonant case

A Study of Flares in the Ultra-Cool Regime from SPECULOOS-South

A Radial Velocity Study of the Planetary System of π Mensae: Improved Planet Parameters for π Mensae c and a Third Planet on a 125 Day Orbit

Setigen: Simulating Radio Technosignatures for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

TOI-1696 and TOI-2136: Constraining the Masses of Two Mini-Neptunes with HPF

Rapidly rotating stars and their transiting planets: KELT-17b, KELT-19Ab, and KELT-21b in the CHEOPS and TESS era

Biocosmology: Towards the birth of a new science

Biocosmology: Biology from a cosmological perspective

Detailed chemical compositions of planet-hosting stars: II. Exploration of the interiors of terrestrial-type exoplanets

Infrared and Optical Detectability of Dyson Spheres at White Dwarf Stars

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