China is hatching a plan to find Earth 2.0

Gravity Assist: Do Other Planets Make Pollution? With Ravi Kopparapu

CaRM: Exploring the chromatic Rossiter-McLaughlin effect – The cases of HD 189733b and WASP-127b

WASP-35 and HAT-P-30/WASP-51: Reanalysis using TESS and Ground-based Transit Photometry

Multiwavelength Mitigation of Stellar Activity in Astrometric Planet Detection

The origin of Earth’s mantle nitrogen: primordial or early biogeochemical cycling?

Resolved imaging of exoplanets with the solar gravitational lens

Transit Search: An Optimization Algorithm Based on Exoplanet Exploration

Exploring and Validating Exoplanet Atmospheric Retrievals with Solar System Analog Observations

Mantle Degassing Lifetimes through Galactic Time and the Maximum Age Stagnant-lid Rocky Exoplanets can Support Temperate Climates

Forming Iron-rich Planets with Giant Impacts

The GAPS Programme at TNG XXXIII. HARPS-N detects multiple atomic species in emission from the dayside of KELT-20b

Finding the ET Signal from the Cosmic Noise

alpha-Deep Probabilistic Inference (alpha-DPI): efficient uncertainty quantification from exoplanet astrometry to black hole feature extraction

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