March 22, 2022 updates

Fully compressible convection for planetary mantles

A numerical inversion of msin i exoplanet distribution: the sub-Saturn desert is more depleted than observed and hint of a Uranus mass gap

Can Radio Emission Escape from the Magnetosphere of υ andromedae b – a new method to constrain the minimum mass of hot jupiters

Reassessing the Evidence for Time Variability in the Atmosphere of the Exoplanet HAT-P-7 bf

Global 3D Simulation of the Upper Atmosphere of HD189733b and Absorption in Metastable He i and Lyα Lines

Symbol repetition in interstellar communications: methods and observations

Symbol quantization in interstellar communications: methods and observations

Exoplanet flux dataset for over 1600 labelled exoplanets

Simulating the Study of Exoplanets Using Photonic Spectrographs

SETI in 2021

Day-side Fe I Emission, Day-Night Brightness Contrast and Phase Offset of the Exoplanet WASP-33b

SETI, evolution and human history merged into a mathematical model

Evo-SETI: A Mathematical Tool for Cladistics, Evolution, and SETI

Weak Seasonality on Temperate Exoplanets Around Low-mass Stars

Jet Streams and Tracer Mixing in the Atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs and Isolated Young Giant Planets

Transit Light-curves for Exomoons: Analytical Formalisms

The Contribution of M-Dwarf Flares to the Thermal Escape of Potentially Habitable Planet Atmospheres

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