March 15, 2022 updates

Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Academic and Societal Implications

Demographics of Exoplanetary Systems

Applications of a Gaussian process framework for modelling of high-resolution exoplanet spectra

The Case for Technosignatures: Why They May Be Abundant, Long-lived, Highly Detectable, and Unambiguous

A Second Planet Transiting LTT 1445A and a Determination of the Masses of Both Worlds

On the Structure and Long-term Evolution of Ice-rich Bodies

The Role of Atmospheric Exchange in False-Positive Biosignature Detection

The Interstellar Ramjet: Engineering Nightmare

Revisiting BD-06 1339b: A Likely False Positive Caused by Stellar Activity

Continuous Habitable Zones: Using Bayesian Methods to Prioritize Characterization of Potentially Habitable Worlds

Transverse Vector Decomposition Method for Analytical Inversion of Exoplanet Transit Spectra

Mass loss by atmospheric escape from extremely close-in planets

TOI-3757 b: A low density gas giant orbiting a solar-metallicity M dwarf

Revisiting Kepler Transiting Systems: Unvetting Planets and Constraining Relationships among Harmonics in Phase Curves

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