How to talk to extraterrestrials

p-winds: An open-source Python code to model planetary outflows and upper atmospheres

Evidence that the Hot Jupiter WASP-77 A b Formed Beyond Its Parent Protoplanetary Disk’s H2O Ice Line

Revisiting the Full Sets of Orbital Parameters for the XO-3 System: No Evidence for Temporal Variation of the Spin–Orbit Angle

Quantitative characterization of photonic sail candidates using nanocantilever displacement

TOI-1670 b and c: An Inner Sub-Neptune with an Outer Warm Jupiter Unlikely to have Originated from High-Eccentricity Migration

The Hot Neptune WASP-166 b with ESPRESSO II: Confirmation of atmospheric sodium

HADES RV Programme with HARPS-N at TNG XV. Planetary occurrence rates around early-M dwarfs

A continuous multiple hypothesis testing framework for optimal exoplanet detection

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