Framework for Expediting Discovery of Optimal Solutions with Blackbox Algorithms in Non-Topology Photonic Inverse Design

A Search for Pre-Transit Absorption Features in Spectra of Hot Jupiters

The crewed journey to Mars and its implications for the human microbiome

Assessing planetary complexity and potential agnostic biosignatures using epsilon machines

The Cosmic Significance of Directed Panspermia: Should Humanity Spread Life to Other Solar Systems?

Intelligence as a planetary scale process

Venusian phosphine: a ‘wow!’ signal in chemistry?

Mass Production of 2021 KMTNet Microlensing Planets I

The Near-Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec) on the James Webb Space Telescope IV. Capabilities and predicted performance for exoplanet characterization

A Search for Technosignatures toward the Galactic Centre at 150 MHz

TESS Transit Timing of Hundreds of Hot Jupiters

The Cosmic Hitchhikers Hypothesis: Extraterrestrial Civilizations Using Free-Floating Planets for Interstellar Colonization

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