Planetary Minerals Catalyze Conversion of a Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon to a Prebiotic Quinone: Implications for Origins of Life

Autodifferentiable Spectrum Model for High-dispersion Characterization of Exoplanets and Brown Dwarfs

Validation of 13 Hot and Potentially Terrestrial TESS Planets

Confirming the 3:2 Resonance Chain of K2-138

NEID Rossiter-McLaughlin Measurement of TOI-1268b: A Young Warm Saturn Aligned with Its Cool Host Star

A population of transition disks around evolved stars: Fingerprints of planets? Catalog of disks surrounding Galactic post-AGB binaries

TOI-1442 b and TOI-2445 b: two ultra-short period super-Earths around M dwarfs

TOI-1268b: the youngest hot Saturn-mass transiting exoplanet

Magnitude-squared coherence: A powerful tool for disentangling Doppler planet discoveries from stellar activity

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