Designing a Plasma Flux Compression Generator for Pulsed Nuclear Propulsion

Detection of the tidal deformation of WASP-103b at 3 σ with CHEOPS

Extreme-ultraviolet- and X-Ray-driven Photochemistry of Gaseous Exoplanets

Cometary Activity beyond the Planets

TESS Giants Transiting Giants. I.: A Noninflated Hot Jupiter Orbiting a Massive Subgiant

Dynamical Mass of the Exoplanet Host Star HR 8799

Resolving the Multiplicity of Exoplanet Host Stars in Gemini/NIRI Data

ExoVista: A Suite of Planetary System Models for Exoplanet Studies

An Energy Balance Model for Rapidly and Synchronously Rotating Terrestrial Planets

The First Near-Infrared Transmission Spectrum of HIP 41378 f, a Low-Mass Temperate Jovian World in a Multi-Planet System

Unsupervised Machine Learning for Exploratory Data Analysis of Exoplanet Transmission Spectra

A Framework for Characterizing Transmission Spectra of Exoplanets with Circumplanetary Rings

MAGRATHEA: an open-source spherical symmetric planet interior structure code

AURA-3D: A Three-dimensional Atmospheric Retrieval Framework for Exoplanet Transmission Spectra

Radiation Effects from ISM and Cosmic Ray Particle Impacts on Relativistic Spacecraft

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