December 3, 2021 updates

GJ 367b: A dense, ultrashort-period sub-Earth planet transiting a nearby red dwarf star

Around Distant Suns: Stories Inspired by the St Andrews Centre for Exoplanet Science

If Loud Aliens Explain Human Earliness, Quiet Aliens Are Also Rare

The Posttransit Tail of WASP-107b Observed at 10830 Å

Alfnoor: Assessing the Information Content of Ariel’s Low-resolution Spectra with Planetary Population Studies

Irradiation-driven escape of primordial planetary atmospheres II. Evaporation efficiency of sub-Neptunes through hot Jupiters

Kepler-167e as a Probe of the Formation Histories of Cold Giants with Inner Super-Earths

Running The Gauntlet — Survival of Small Circumbinary Planets Migrating Through Destabilising Resonances

The Number of Transits Per Epoch for Transiting Misaligned Circumbinary Planets

The impact of intrinsic magnetic field on the absorption signatures of elements probing the upper atmosphere of HD209458b

An Open-source Bayesian Atmospheric Radiative Transfer (BART) Code: II. The Transit Radiative-transfer Module and Retrieval of HAT-P-11b

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