The traditional approximation of rotation for rapidly rotating stars and planets II. Deformation and differential rotation

Launch of a time machine

Terrestrial Planet Optical Phase Curves. I. Direct Measurements of the Earth

Minimal Data Fidelity for Stellar Feature and Companion Detection

Giant planet imaged orbiting two massive stars

The Kepler IRIS Catalog: Image subtraction light curves for 9,150 stars in and around the open clusters NGC 6791 and NGC 6819

An Imaging Search for Post-Main-Sequence Planets of Sirius B

An Integrative Analysis of the HD 219134 Planetary System and the Inner Solar System: Extending DYNAMITE with Enhanced Orbital Dynamical Stability Criteria

Near-infrared transmission spectrum of TRAPPIST-1 h using Hubble WFC3 G141 observations

BEBOP II: Sensitivity to sub-Saturn circumbinary planets using radial-velocities

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