November 9, 2021 updates

Warp drive dynamic solutions considering different fluid sources

Gravity beyond Einstein? Part III: numbers and coupling constants, contradictory experiments, hypercomplex gravity like-fields, propellantless space propulsion

Bacterial Growth in Brines Formed by the Deliquescence of Salts Relevant to Cold Arid Worlds

Thermal Phase Curves of XO-3b: an Eccentric Hot Jupiter at the Deuterium Burning Limit

An Edge-On Orbit for the Eccentric Long-Period Planet HR 5183 b

OGLE-2019-BLG-0468Lb,c: two microlensing giant planets around a G-type star

Signal preservation of exomoon transits during light curve folding

HOW TO (DIS-)ASSEMBLE A PLANETARY SYSTEM (by turning a video game into an educational game)

The impact of coronal mass ejections and flares on the atmosphere of the hot Jupiter HD189733b

Tidal evolution and diffusive growth during high-eccentricity planet migration: revisiting the eccentricity distribution of hot Jupiters

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