November 30, 2021 updates

Wakefield -The Real Mechanism Overcoming the Warp Barrier in the Forvator of Superluminal Gravitational Waves

Synthetic Muscle™ for Deep Space Travel and Other Applications on Earth and in Space

Demographics of Exoplanets in Binaries. I. Architecture of S-type Planetary Systems Revealed by the Radial-velocity Sample

The Hubble PanCET program: Transit and Eclipse Spectroscopy of the Hot-Jupiter WASP-74b

How do aerosols above the residual layer affect the planetary boundary layer height?

Kepler-93: a testbed for detailed seismic modelling and orbital evolution of super-earths around solar-like stars

A Ubiquitous Unifying Degeneracy in 2-body Microlensing Systems

The Atmospheres of Rocky Exoplanets II. Influence of surface composition on the diversity of cloud condensates

A multi-planetary system orbiting the early-M dwarf TOI-1238

K2-99 revisited: a non-inflated warm Jupiter, and a temperate giant planet on a 522-d orbit around a subgiant

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