November 1, 2021 Updates

Updates Monday 11/01/21

No Redetections of blc1 in 39 hr of Reobservation Campaigns of Proxima Centauri

An approximate superposition method to obtain a planet’s orbit

Boundary Layer Circumplanetary Accretion: How Fast Could an Unmagnetized Planet Spin Up through Its Disk?

Zodiacal exoplanets in time (ZEIT) XIII: Planet orbits and atmospheres in the V1298 Tau system, a keystone in studies of early planetary evolution

Maximum temperatures in evolving protoplanetary discs and composition of planetary building blocks

Interstellar planetesimals: potential seeds for planet formation?

Carbon monoxide gas produced by a giant impact in the inner region of a young system

3D radiative-transfer for exoplanet atmospheres. gCMCRT: a GPU accelerated MCRT code

Direct emission spectroscopy of exoplanets with the medium resolution imaging spectrometer on board JWST MIRI: I. Molecular mapping and sensitivity to instrumental effects

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