Astrobiology Perspectives on Life in the Universe

Introducing the Venus Collection—Papers from the First Workshop on Habitability of the Cloud Layer

NASA Confirms Roman Mission’s Flight Design in Milestone Review

Stellar Winds Drive Strong Variations in Exoplanet Evaporative Outflow Patterns and Transit Absorption Signatures

Follow-up of non-transiting planets detected by Kepler – Confirmation of three hot-Jupiters and validation of three other planets

CHEOPS precision phase curve of the Super-Earth 55 Cancri e

The Solar Neighborhood XLVIII: Nine Giant Planets Orbiting Nearby K Dwarfs, and the CHIRON Spectrograph’s Radial Velocity Performance

A More Precise Mass for GJ 1214 b and the Frequency of Multiplanet Systems Around Mid-M Dwarfs

Thin accretion disks around traversable wormholes

SETI in 2020

Finding Exoplanets with Quantum Imaging

Cross-sections for heavy atmospheres: H2O continuum

TIC~257060897b: an inflated, low-density, hot-Jupiter transiting a rapidly evolving subgiant star

Alfnoor: assessing the information content of Ariel’s low resolution spectra with planetary population studies

Can the China’s FAST telescope detect extraterrestrial von-Neumann probes?

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