SCExAO/CHARIS Direct Imaging of A Low-Mass Companion At A Saturn-Like Separation from an Accelerating Young A7 Star

Detecting Biosignatures in the Atmospheres of Gas Dwarf Planets with the James Webb Space Telescope

How Complete Are Surveys for Nearby Transiting Hot Jupiters?

Searching for orbital decay in a heartbeat star system KIC 3766353

Design of the vacuum high contrast imaging testbed for CDEEP, the Coronagraphic Debris and Exoplanet Exploring Pioneer

Evidence for a Nondichotomous Solution to the Kepler Dichotomy: Mutual Inclinations of Kepler Planetary Systems from Transit Duration Variations

Constraining Mornings and Evenings on Distant Worlds: A new Semianalytical Approach and Prospects with Transmission Spectroscopy

Constraints on Planets in Nearby Young Moving Groups Detectable by High-Contrast Imaging and Gaia Astrometry

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