GW Ori: circumtriple rings and planets

Giant Outer Transiting Exoplanet Mass (GOT ‘EM) Survey. II. Discovery of a Failed Hot Jupiter on a 2.7 Yr, Highly Eccentric Orbit

Analyzing the Habitable Zones of Circumbinary Planets Using Machine Learning

A Uniform Search for Nearby Planetary Companions to Hot Jupiters in TESS Data Reveals Hot Jupiters are Still Lonely

Panspermia in a Milky Way-like Galaxy

TOI-1296b and TOI-1298b observed with TESS and SOPHIE: Two hot Saturn-mass exoplanets with different densities around metal-rich stars

Tidal migration of hot Jupiters. Introducing the impact of gravity wave dissipation

TOI-1201 b: A mini-Neptune transiting a bright and moderately young M dwarf

Two circumbinary planets in RR Cae eclipsing binary system

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