August 10, 2021 updates

Exploration of the solar system and beyond using a thermonuclear fusion drive

A Proposed Geobiology-Driven Nomenclature for Astrobiological In Situ Observations and Sample Analyses

Did Solid Surfaces Enable the Origin of Life?

Third Displacement: Cosmobiology, Cosmolocality, Cosmosocioecology

Restoring optical forces and torques for passive stabilization of microscopic lightsails

Minimal Crew And Human Evolution In Multi-Generational Interstellar Travel Based On Population Genetics

On the Need for a Classification System for Consistent Characterization of the Composition of Planetary Bodies

Does detecting water vapors on rocky planets indicate the presence of oceans?: An insight from self-consistent mantle degassing models

Spitzer Dayside Emission of WASP-34b

Idealized 2D Cloud-Resolving Simulations for Tidally Locked Habitable Planets

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