Presentation files must be received by IRG by Monday, 20 September. That allows us sufficient time to load all presentations onto a single computer for use in the plenary sessions. You can use email, Dropbox, Google Drive, or sending a thumb drive in the mail, but we have to have it by Monday the 20th. If you make changes to your file afterwards, we will do our best, but we don’t guarantee that those changes will make it onto the screen on the day of your talk.

Please do not plan to finish your slides on the airplane and bring us a thumb drive on the morning of your talk. Even if you did that in Huntsville. Even if you did that in Wichita. We won’t be able to support that this time.

Files received after the deadline will not be accepted. You’ll have to give your talk without visual aids. (Not recommended.)

Due to COVID19, some of our presenters will be appearing via Zoom. You will still need to send your presentation files to IRG by the deadline. We will be broadcasting those from Tucson, not from your computer.

You will need to submit your presentation in PowerPoint format. If you use Keynote, you probably feel that using PowerPoint is like typing with bricks taped to your hands. That’s fine; create your file in Keynote and export it to PowerPoint. If you feel there is an important reason why you must send us a PDF, talk to us first. If you want to use any other format… you’ll have to convince us (and our paid A/V technicians).

You will not be able to rely on a local Internet connection to play videos, etc. All media must be embedded within the PowerPoint file. Prove this on your own machine by disconnecting Ethernet, turning off Wi-Fi, and playing your presentation. If it doesn’t work, please fix it before sending it to us. We won’t be able to fix it on site.

All presentations should be in an 16:9 (widescreen) format. Please include “IRG 7th Interstellar Symposium – September 2021” on the header or footer of each slide. Remember that these slides will be viewed from a distance. Try displaying your slides on your smartphone held at arm’s length. Any text too small to read comfortably will be illegible to the audience. Save the detailed figures for the printed paper.

If you encrypt your file, it will not be presented.

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