The 13CO-rich atmosphere of a young accreting super-Jupiter

MOA-2007-BLG-400 A Super-Jupiter-mass Planet Orbiting a Galactic Bulge K-dwarf Revealed by Keck Adaptive Optics Imaging

Exoplanets with ELT-METIS I: Estimating the direct imaging exoplanet yield around stars within 6.5 parsecs

The Impact of Stellar Clustering on the Observed Multiplicity of Super-Earth systems: Outside-in Cascade of Orbital Misalignments Initiated by Stellar Flybys

A Universal Cloud Composition on the Nightsides of Hot Jupiters

On The Spin Dynamics of Elongated Minor Bodies with Applications to a Possible Solar System Analogue Composition for `Oumuamua

SETI strategy with FAST fractality

An integrable model for first-order three-planet mean motion resonances

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