Transit detection of the long-period volatile-rich super-Earth ν2 Lupi d with CHEOPS

A search for transiting planets around hot subdwarfs – I. Methods and performance tests on light curves from Kepler, K2, TESS, and CHEOPS

Photometric follow-up observations and transit timing analysis of HAT-P-37b

Analytical Solution of the Tidal Evolution of Eccentricity and Semimajor Axis for Close-in Planets

A Fast Response Mission to Rendezvous with an Interstellar Object

Exoplanet X-ray irradiation and evaporation rates with eROSITA

Transmission spectroscopy with VLT FORS2: a featureless spectrum for the low-density transiting exoplanet WASP-88b

The Temporal Onset of Habitability For Earth-Like Planets

A Criterion for the Onset of Chaos in Compact, Eccentric Multiplanet Systems

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