Generic warp drives violate the null energy condition

The Pyrat Bay Framework for Exoplanet Atmospheric Modeling: A Population Study of Hubble/WFC3 Transmission Spectra

Terminus: A Versatile Simulator for Space-based Telescopes

Role of Surface Gravity Waves in Aquaplanet Ocean Climates

Interplanetary and Interstellar Direct Kinetic Nuclear Drive

Ground-Based Transmission Spectroscopy with VLT FORS2: Evidence for faculae and clouds in the optical spectrum of the warm Saturn WASP-110b

Millisecond Exoplanet Imaging, I: Method and Simulation Results

Millisecond Exoplanet Imaging, II: Regression Equations and Technical Discussion

Improving exoplanet detection capabilities with the false inclusion probability. Comparison with other detection criteria in the context of radial velocities

The effect of post-Newtonian spin precessions on the evolution of exomoons’ obliquity

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