May 11, 2021 updates

EXOPLANETS AND SPACECRAFT Exercises in astronomy and space exploration for high school students

Relativistically into finance

Venus, an Astrobiology Target

Experimental Determination of Mantle Solidi and Melt Compositions for Two Likely Rocky Exoplanet Compositions

Long Period Jovian Tilts the Orbits of Two sub-Neptunes Relative to Stellar Spin Axis in Kepler-129

The orbital evolution of resonant chains of exoplanets incorporating circularisation produced by tidal interaction with the central star with application to the HD 158259 and EPIC 245950175 systems

Systematic search for long-term transit duration changes in Kepler transiting planets

An interstellar communication method: system design and observations

The Drake Equation at 60: Reconsidered and Abandoned

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