The Library of the Great Silence

Tensile–Tearing Analysis of Rectangular Thin Film with Central Defect

High resolution emission FT spectra of sodium in a microwave discharge: Intensity variation of the D/D lines in exoplanetary atmospheres

Direct Imaging of Exoplanets Beyond the Radial Velocity Limit: Application to the HD 134987 System

Compact pebbles and the evolution of volatiles in the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov

Orbital stability of compact three-planet systems, I: Dependence of system lifetimes on initial orbital separations and longitudes

Orbital stability of compact three-planet systems, II: Post-instability impact behaviour

Grazing, non-transiting disintegrating exoplanets observed with the planned Ariel space observatory — A case study using Kepler-1520b

On the influence of equilibrium tides on transit-timing variations of close-in super-Earths. I. Application to single-planet systems and the case of K2-265 b

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