Interstellar Probe: A Mission to the Heliospheric Boundary and Interstellar Medium for the Next Decade

Unique heliophysics science opportunities along the Interstellar Probe journey up to 1000 AU from the Sun

“In-System” Fission-Events: An Insight into Puzzles of Exoplanets and Stars?

Theoretical Constraints Imposed by Gradient Detection and Dispersal on Microbial Size in Astrobiological Environments

TOI-1431b/MASCARA-5b: A Highly Irradiated Ultra-Hot Jupiter Orbiting One of the Hottest & Brightest Known Exoplanet Host Stars

The Detectability of Binary Star Planetary and Brown Dwarf Companions From Eclipse Timing Variations

The obliquity and atmosphere of the ultra-hot Jupiter TOI-1431b (MASCARA-5b): A misaligned orbit and no signs of atomic or molecular absorptions

An Open-Source Bayesian Atmospheric Radiative Transfer (BART) Code: I. Design, Tests, and Application to Exoplanet HD 189733 b

An Open-source Bayesian Atmospheric Radiative Transfer (BART) Code: II. The {\transit} Radiative-Transfer Module and Retrieval of HAT-P-11b

An open-source Bayesian atmospheric radiative transfer (BART) code: III. Initialization, atmospheric profile generator, post-processing routines, and application to exoplanet WASP-43b

An N-body population synthesis framework for the formation of moons around Jupiter-like planets

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