Configuration Selection and Analysis of a Superstructure Solar Sail

Survival of soil microbial community exposed to hyper-gravity conditions

Photonic solution to phase sensing and control for light-based interstellar propulsion

Neopanspermia – Evidence That Life Continuously Arrives at the Earth from Space

Discovery of a directly imaged planet to the young solar analog YSES 2

Microalgae strategy in anoxic atmospheres with various CO2 concentrations – Environmental and (astro)biotechnological perspectives

Orbital stability of compact three-planet systems, I: Dependence of system lifetimes on initial orbital separations and longitudes

Circumbinary Habitable Zones in the Presence of a Giant Planet

Primary Velocity and Orbital Phase Effects on Planetary Detectability from Small Epoch Number Data Sets

An Empirical Bayesian Approach to Limb-darkening in Modeling WASP-121b Transit Light Curves

Shortest Microlensing Event with a Bound Planet: KMT-2016-BLG-2605

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