Breakthrough Discuss 2021: Alpha Centauri System: A Beckoning Neighbor

Breakthrough Discuss 2021: Yuri’s Night

Hunting Exoplanets Using Transit Method With Convolution Neural Networks

Pushing planets into an inner cavity by a resonant chain

Relativistic modeling of atmospheric occultations with time transfer functions

Oxygen False Positives on Habitable Zone Planets Around Sunā€Like Stars

Ariel: Enabling planetary science across light-years

A Stellar Activity F-statistic for Exoplanet Surveys (SAFE)

Tides in the high-eccentricity migration of hot Jupiters: Triggering diffusive growth by nonlinear mode interactions

3D convection-resolving model of temperate, tidally-locked exoplanets

Hot planets around cool stars — two short-period mini-Neptunes transiting the late K-dwarf TOI-1260

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