March 5, 2021 updates

A Method for Creating Enormous Space Telescopes

A nearby transiting rocky exoplanet that is suitable for atmospheric investigation

A blazing nearby super-Earth

The JADE code: Coupling secular exoplanetary dynamics and photo-evaporation

Closed-formed ab initio solutions of geometric albedos and reflected light phase curves of exoplanets

A transiting warm giant planet around the young active star TOI-201

The future lifespan of Earth’s oxygenated Atmosphere

A Gaussian Process Regression Reveals No Evidence for Planets Orbiting Kapteyn’s Star

Longevity is the key factor in the search for technosignatures

First Detection of Hydroxyl Radical Emission from an Exoplanet Atmosphere: High-dispersion Characterization of WASP-33b using Subaru/IRD

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