Breaking the warp barrier: Hyper-fast solitons in Einstein-Maxwell-plasma theory

Revealing peculiar exoplanetary shadows from transit light curves

Semianalytical model for planetary resonances – Application to planets around single and binary stars

ESPRESSO high-resolution transmission spectroscopy of WASP-76 b

The GAPS Programme at TNG – XXIX. No detection of reflected light from 51 Peg b using optical high-resolution spectroscopy

Target Prioritization and Observing Strategies for the NEID Earth Twin Survey

A Near-Infrared Chemical Inventory of the Atmosphere of 55 Cancri e

K2-138 g: Spitzer Spots a Sixth Planet for the Citizen Science System

Planets Across Space and Time (PAST). I. Characterizing the Memberships of Galactic Components and Stellar Ages: Revisiting the Kinematic Methods and Applying to Planet Host Stars

A super-Earth on a close-in orbit around the M1V star GJ 740. A HADES and CARMENES collaboration

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