Implications of the iron oxide phase transition on the interiors of rocky exoplanets

Myocardial Disease and Long-Distance Space Travel: Solving the Radiation Problem

Steady state by recycling prevents premature collapse of protoplanetary atmospheres

A new approach to spectroscopic phase curves – The emission spectrum of WASP-12b observed in quadrature with HST/WFC3

HD 219134 Revisited: Planet d Transit Upper Limit and Planet f Transit Nondetection with ASTERIA and TESS

Study on superconducting magnetic shield for the manned long termed space voyages

Minimal conditions for survival of technological civilizations in the face of stellar evolution

Impact of photochemical hazes and gases on exoplanet atmospheric thermal structure

Relative occurrence rates of terrestrial planets orbiting FGK stars

Dynamical orbital evolution scenarios of the wide-orbit eccentric planet HR 5183b

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