Hot Jupiter and Ultra-cold Saturn Formation in Dense Star Clusters

Exoplanet imaging data challenge: benchmarking the various image processing methods for exoplanet detection–benchmarking-the-various-image-processing/10.1117/12.2574803.short

Performance study of interferometric small-sats to detect exoplanets: updated exoplanet yield and application to nearby exoplanets

The Fundamental Connections Between the Solar System and Exoplanetary Science

Magnetospheres of Terrestrial Exoplanets and Exomoons: Implications for Habitability and Detection

Semi-Empirical Modeling of the Atmospheres of the M Dwarf Exoplanet Hosts GJ 832 and GJ 581

MOVES IV. Modelling the influence of stellar XUV-flux, cosmic rays, and stellar energetic particles on the atmospheric composition of the hot Jupiter HD 189733b

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