Strategies for the Detection of ET Probes Within Our Own Solar System

Broadband transmission spectroscopy of HD 209458b with ESPRESSO: evidence for Na, TiO, or both

Exoplanet Detection using Machine Learning

Characterization of M dwarfs Using Optical Mid-Resolution Spectra for Exploration of Small Exoplanets

Interstellar Objects Outnumber Solar System Objects in the Oort Cloud

Phase Shift of Planetary Waves and Wave–Jet Resonance on Tidally Locked Planets

Natural radioactive environments as sources of local disequilibrium for the emergence of life

Exomoon Candidates from Transit Timing Variations: Eight Kepler systems with TTVs explainable by photometrically unseen exomoons

Planet Hunters TESS II: Findings from the first two years of TESS

3D simulations of photochemical hazes in the atmosphere of hot Jupiter HD 189733b

Demography of galactic technosignatures

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