Here’s Looking at You, MKID

Precise radial velocities of giant stars – XIV. Evidence of planetary companions around HD 25723, 17 Sco, 3 Cnc, and 44 UMa

Europium as a lodestar: diagnosis of radiogenic heat production in terrestrial exoplanets – Spectroscopic determination of Eu abundances in α Centauri AB

Architectures of Exoplanetary Systems. III. Eccentricity and Mutual Inclination Distributions of AMD-stable Planetary Systems

An Unusual Transmission Spectrum for the Sub-Saturn KELT-11b Suggestive of a Subsolar Water Abundance

Is TiO emission present in the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-33b? A reassessment using the improved ExoMol Toto line list

Refined Telluric Absorption Correction for Low-Resolution Ground-Based Spectroscopy: Resolution and Radial Velocity Effects in the O2 A-Band for Exoplanets and K I Emission Lines

Application of the mixing length theory to assess the generation of melt in internally heated systems

Peeking inside the Black Box: Interpreting Deep Learning Models for Exoplanet Atmospheric Retrievals

TOI-519 b: a short-period substellar object around an M dwarf validated using multicolour photometry and phase curve analysis

Formation and dynamics of water clouds on temperate sub-Neptunes: the example of K2-18b

The Magellan-TESS Survey I: Survey Description and Mid-Survey Results

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