Transmission spectroscopy and Rossiter-McLaughlin measurements of the young Neptune orbiting AU Mic

Excalibur: A Non-Parametric, Hierarchical Wavelength-Calibration Method for a Precision Spectrograph

Modelling the atmosphere of lava planet K2-141b: implications for low and high resolution spectroscopy

The large-scale magnetic field of Proxima Centauri near activity maximum

Atmosphere Models of Brown Dwarfs Irradiated by White Dwarfs: Analogues for Hot and Ultra-Hot Jupiters

Revisiting migration in a disc cavity to explain the high eccentricities of warm Jupiters

TOI-954 b and EPIC 246193072 b: Short-Period Saturn-Mass Planets that Test Whether Irradiation Leads to Inflation

Breve historia de la astrobiología en Argentina

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