Search for New Worlds at Home With NASA’s Planet Patrol Project

A precise architecture characterization of the π Mensae planetary system

Search for Nearby Earth Analogs .III. Detection of 10 New Planets, 3 Planet Candidates, and Confirmation of 3 Planets around 11 Nearby M Dwarfs

The TESS-Keck Survey. III. A Stellar Obliquity Measurement of TOI-1726 c

How Does Background Air Pressure Influence the Inner Edge of the Habitable Zone for Tidally Locked Planets in a 3D View?

VIBES: VIsual Binary Exoplanet survey with SPHERE Upper limits on wide S-planet and S-BD frequencies, triple system discovery, and astrometric confirmation of 20 stellar binaries and three triple systems

Effect of mantle oxidation state and escape upon the evolution of Earth’s magma ocean atmosphere

Application of Orbital Stability and Tidal Migration Constraints for Exomoon Candidates

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