Conceptual Interstellar Map and Status Panel Design

The Astrobiology of Alien Worlds: Known and Unknown Forms of Life

Exoplanet Validation with Machine Learning: 50 new validated Kepler planets

Influence of C/O Ratio on Hot Jupiter Atmospheric Chemistry

Haze Formation in Warm H2-rich Exoplanet Atmospheres

A search for transiting planets around FGKM dwarfs and sub-giants in the TESS Full Frame Images of the Southern ecliptic hemisphere

The Impact of Tidal Disruption Events on Galactic Habitability

On the Orbital Spacing Pattern of Kepler Multiple Planet Systems

More planetary candidates from K2 Campaign 5 by tran_k2

‘Oumuamua as a Cometary Fractal Aggregate: the “Dust Bunny” Model

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